Diptera: Calliphoridae 


There are 38 Species of British blowflies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) listed in the British checklist at the time of writing. Many (but not all!) species develop in carrion, and to most are the scourges of the family BBQ! However they are very interesting flies, Forensic scientists can use knowledge of blowfly life cycles and ecology to determine the time of death in legal matters, as well as if a corpse has been moved, they can even be used in place of toxicological specimens in decomposing corpses! Some species are used to treat wounds by medical doctors, and they can be the causative agents of "fly strike" in animals.

The Blowfly recording scheme is looking for records to help further the knowledge of distributions and abundance of these interesting flies, the scheme is run by Olga Sivell and welcomes records submitted to iRecord or to her email at aruma (at) wp.pl